lilac & essie mint candy apple

Hi guys,

i am loving my MinkPink Zappo lilac shorts with my Essie mint candy apple nails, the weather in the UK has really picked up from a couple of days ago, temperatures are at 28 degrees which it should be as we're nearly in August!

thanks for reading!

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upcoming tutorials

So two lovely subscribers asked me if i could do these looks, just wanted to share and let you know that these will be filmed shortly.

The first is from Kaisyah who sent me a couple of pictures of Keira Knightley wearing a really pretty bronze smoky eye, we discussed that we like it as there was no black to smoke it out, brown is such a lovely alternative to black as there are so many different shades and it can look more natural while deepening the eye socket but not as much as black!

Next is Megan Fox from the armani christmas makeup campign, 'benjaminjamesmu' on youtube asked me to do this look, i really love the makeup, the blue frosty eye really gives a fresh look especially with the deep red lip.

And lastly i came across this image of Doutzen Krues, it's from the Paris April addition of Vogue, she's such a natural beauty and this really enhances her features, i like that it's just a wash of colour, i am hoping that my brothers girlfriend will let me do this look on her!

Thanks for reading! Lucy


Hello, Sorry i have been away for so long but check out the new addition to the family, my boyfriend and i rescued her from a place called battersea dogs home, we're not sure what breed she is as she was abandoned but there's a definite mix in there! been spending our days training her and enjoying her company, we have also moved house, now things are settled i can't wait to get back into making videos.
here's a picture of her sleeping, her bed looks like a giant smartie!
Hope you're well, Lucy!