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limewood hotel

Something a little different on the blog today, I wanted to share my recent experience when I went to Limewood Hotel, and let me tell you it was bloomin' good!
I was extremely lucky to be taken by my mum for a special birthday treat.

The hotel is situated in the middle of the New Forest, which made it feel isolated (but in a good way) and very peaceful, we knew we were getting close and further from London when a cattle of cows were blocking the entrance!
I took a couple of photos of the room we were staying in and the breakfast buffet, I hope these images do it justice! The best part of it all was it wasn't just a hotel it was a spa hotel. I chose the Bamford De-Stress massage which brought me into a world of deep relaxation making me skip yoga and instead sleep for 10 hours! What was great about the spa was that you could use their facilities, you didn't really need to book a treatment to feel relaxed it was just an added luxury. They had a heated outdoor steam type pool in the middle of the forest! A sauna, steam room...the list goes on, it was insane!
It got to the point where I really didn't want to leave, but as my mum says 'you have to leave a place to come back'.
You can check them out here

What are you favourite places to get away?


november favourites

Here are my November favourites for this month. This is my first favourites video that I've done and I can't believe it's taken me so long to start. These videos are so great to watch and they give you the opportunity to be introduced to new products Enjoy! What are your favourites for this month?


diy rosemary & lavender steam facial

If you suffer with blackheads listen up!
My mum actually introduced me to this fantastic discovery that I now can't stop doing!
It's extremely simple to do, all you need is;

Fresh Rosemary and Lavender. (the lavender I added in, it's an extra. So if you don't have it don't worry but I like using both.)
Boiling Hot Water
Heat-proof bowl

I have Rosemary & Lavender both in pots. They're really cheap. You can find them at most florists, supermarkets (maybe not the lavender!) and garden stores. It's great as they grow and grow, are good for cooking with and for facials! I want to have many more potted herbs, but what I like about these two are that they are so easy to grow and don't need much care.

So I snip a couple of bundles with scissors, put it into my bowl, pour boiling water into the bowl, and with my towel put it over my head and keep my face over the bowl for about 5-10 minutes or as long as you can handle! It will get quite steamy and hot but that's what you want. The water will draw the oils out of the plants, which will then incorporate into the steam and voila! you have a DIY steam facial. The rosemary/steam will remove your blackheads and the lavender balances. Lets face it, how many times have you seen these two ingredients in skincare ranges? and now you have it at the purest form, and have I said it's cheap?! Let me know what you think


bold lip tutorial

Have you seen my latest video? I did quite a simple eye with a bold lip. For some reason my camera didn't show the colour as strong as it is in real life, it resembles more the picture than the video.
You can use whatever colour you want, the idea was just to have a tutorial that wasn't to high maintenance as no one really wants to worry when they're out about products wearing off etc, the lipstick will bound to wear a little, but if you fill your lips in completly with a similar colour lip liner the stain will stay a lot longer! What are you favourite bold colours to wear when out?


ibicencian almond oil & rosewater

These two products are amazing. After all the hype of finding treasures in french pharmacies, I thought why not check out the Spanish too! As you may know if you have watched my About Me video I grew up visiting Ibiza every year and cannot believe all this time I had never ventured for goodies in their pharmacies. Here we have almond oil and rosewater, what's great is that the pharmacy where I purchased makes and bottles on site. There is such a nice idea of imagining the almonds and roses being handpicked after growing in the Mediterranean sun and being packed into these bottles, no fancy packaging or gizmos. I spray the water after cleansing, I have very dry skin in winter so the almond oil I apply in areas that need it most with a cotton pad just before I go to bed. If my lips are dry I sometimes swipe a little across them too. The oil goes a long way but nearly finished the rosewater! Will need to get more, I'm off to an English pharmacy now to discover products that have been right under my nose! Have you found any great products in English pharmacies? Oh and if you are in Ibiza town pick 'em up! The store is Juan Tur Viñas X