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Swatch: Mai Couture Bronzer
Swatch: Mai Couture blusher in 'Prettyful'
Swatch: Revlon just bitten lip stain in 'Crush'

BeautyBay is an online store selling skin/hair care and beauty. This was the first time ordering of this site, and let me tell you, they have some pretty great stuff.

The reason I went to their website in the first place was because I had heard they stock a brand called Mai Couture. Wanting to try out there super cool blotting papers that also have bronzing or blush powder in them. I went for a blush paper in Prettyful and the bronzing paper in light/medium. I recently did an Adriana Lima tutorial if you want to see them in action. I also go into more detail in the video below if you are still a little confused of what they are.

I had been dying to try out the Aromatherapy Associates oil, but they are pretty expensive. When I saw that they were in the sale I jumped for joy! I like that there is a collection rather than one single oil. It's nice to have a little variety.

I bought a 'This Works' candle which is part of their 'deep sleep' range. Its pure heaven. The notes are lavender and camomile which are two of my favourite scents. I have been lighting this on the bedside table whilst reading. It fills my bedroom with the best calming feeling and I have to say since having this I have been going out like a light and into the most deepest sleep.

I purchased two new nail polishes by Mavala, one in 'Soho' which is this really pretty metallic lilac and Violet Diamond (violet glitter). I haven't tried the latter yet but I'm wearing Soho in the video, it's becoming my new favourite shade.

I also went into superdrug and bought another Revlon just bitten lip stain in Crush, after purchasing Honey a few weeks ago and loving it I wanted to get another but this time a deeper shade.
In need of a new lasting perfection concealer by collection but not having my shade I took a gamble and got their illuminating touch instead. So far I am really liking it but it is a lot more sheer than the usual.

In the video I include a bar of soap (Woo!) but it's pretty decent stuff. The brand is called Dr Bronner, there is also liquid avaliable but I like the solid kind. I got this is Almond. (This was purchased at my local Health food store.)

Hope you enjoy the video. I recently bought a few more beauty bits so let me know if you want me to do another haul. I really like watching these videos but until now I have only ever done one before.
All the products are listed, alongside prices in the videos information box.

Have you tried any of these products before?

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