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For Christmas I received my first Lush products. I've heard a great deal about the brand. I think I even bought a few things as presents a very long time ago, but as a lover of baths and all things like that I'd never tried anything for myself. (What?)

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the soap 'Honey I washed the kids' (a firm favourite in the beauty world, and if I was buying anything from Lush for myself, I reckon it would be this) and the 'Butterball Bath Ballistic' which had me at it's name.

The bomb notes it is 'skin softening and vanilla scented'. I'm not a massive fan of vanilla scents, I don't know why it just isn't on the top of the list, but what I like is that it isn't over powering, it's very gentle. The description really has it on point, this ball left my skin super soft and with a mild scent of vanilla. For all the fans of the scent it would be worth checking out.

The soap on the other hand is right up there on the list of scents I like to smell. Honey I find very soothing, (in tea or in products for the bath, either way, I love it). It also, to me has the texture of butter, but in a good way (cue John Lydon 'British Butta'). I'm not saying it resembles Lurpak but the characteristic of it screams ''I'll be moisturising, soothing and softening."
Just what I need.

The soap is the stand out for me. It was so moisurising on my skin, left me with a lovely clean feeling but also smelling of honey, what more could you ask for from a honey flavoured soap?

Have you tried any other Lush products? Any you could recommend to me?

Oh and if you didn't get the John Lydon reference:

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