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I have been trying out two products as of late both by Apivita. Perfect timing to, as the weather in the UK has been completely out of the ordinary. They are both Suncare products; SPF 50 Face cream for Sensitive Skin* and SPF 30 Light Texture Tinted Face Cream* - which I must say is the highlight.
Both these products are free from Parabens, Alcohol, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Ethanolamines, Colorants, Phthalates, PCM, NM.

SPF 50 Face Cream for Sensitive Skin with Sea Lavender & Algae 50ml*
This is a very light weight cream so perfect for Sensitive skin. It doesn't take long at all to sink into the skin and most importantly isn't sticky. They have very simple packaging; I recently went away and purchased a Suncare product from the airport that had a spray, and I said to myself after using it for a couple of days that I would never buy a Sun lotion that had a spray. It just kept clogging up and it became a bit of a song and dance action to get the product out. The smell is different to what I'm use to, but completely non-intrusive.

SPF 30 Light Texture Tinted Face Cream with Sea Lavender & Propolis 50ml* (UVB + UVA)
I don't know how I'm going to write about this without saying how amazing it is all the time. I tend not to wear a full face of make-up when it is hot. I like to keep it as minimal as possible. I suppose it stems from the fact that I like to feel fresh and if I have a great deal of make-up on, my skin can't breathe. Instead of having a tinted moisturiser with SPF this is the other way round so the technology has been put in the Suncare. I have been wearing this instead of a base and absolutely love it. It looks SO natural on the skin. Almost an air-brushed finish which just gives you a little help when you don't feel like wearing anything. Perfect for the type of girl who wants something a little bit extra for the beach.
Most importantly it doesn't become cakey when it builds up, as of course throughout the day you need to keep topping up.

You can find Apivita stocked in M&S in the UK : Click Here
and Online :  www.apivita.com


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  1. I am always in need to a face cream with SPF, as I've only just realised my one doesn't have any! I used to apply suncream on my face and hands every day and now it's fallen out of habit. I definitely need that light textured one in my life!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog