Image by Adam Ings

It's been really hot in the UK recently. I am one of the many few that haven't been complaining about it. I absolutely love the heat, it makes me feel really happy and extremely positive but at the same time I understand that I should look after my body and especially my skin in the heat. I really love having a tan. I feel so much more healthy and comfortable, so after sun is a great product to use, as it helps prolong a tan but also gives your skin a much need hydrate after being exposed in the heat. Let me tell you that Dr Hauschka does a great one.

Ingredient wise it contains Carrot, Rosehip and extracts of ice plant and quince seed, that helps to restore moisture back into the skin. Calendula and Anthyllis extracts help soothe the skin after being sun-stressed. What keeps the tan to stay? Almond oil, Shea Butter and Rose wax for their intensive moisturising properties. No flaky patches for me!

You know those really hot evenings when you are trying to sleep but because it's too hot you really just feel like a gingerbread man lying on a baking tray? Well, I applied this all over my body before bed and I literally almost felt like my body temperature had fallen. My skin felt cool and refreshed, which just goes to show how effective this lotion is. I was then asked what lotion had I put on as I smelt amazing. WIN.

My one complaint? There is not enough of this in a bottle!

Dr Hauschka After Sun Lotion* 100ml £14.25
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  1. Wow, sounds amazing, going to have to get this now! I recently purchased the Cleansing Cream after watching your skincare routine and think it's incredible. Really helped my skin a lot. I'm spreading the word!
    Beth xox

    1. Hi Beth. oh i'm so glad to hear that, i totally agree, after i used the cleansing cream i saw a massive improvement in my skin. only thing is it always runs out so quickly! thank you for your comment x

  2. Great photo! This sounds lovely, I still need to jump on the Dr Hauschka bandwagon and this has persuaded me even more ;-) x